Wprofile-paynes-prairieelcome! My name is Anastasia Kozak and I have recently defended my doctoral dissertation in English at the University of Florida, “From Linguists to Engineers: Universalism and New Translation Paradigms in the Digital Age.” I enjoy researching and writing about all things translation-related, but am particularly interested in how computer translation technologies are shaping our attitudes towards language and multilingualism in the 21st century. I am also passionate about teaching translation theory and practice courses to monolingual speakers, or to those students who have had limited exposure to multilingualism.

Prior to starting doctoral program, I spent four years overseas teaching EFL in Asia, guiding small groups of foreigners on adventures in China, Mongolia, and Russia, and working as a Foreign Art Docent at the National Palace Museum in Taipei. I started writing fiction during my Asian sojourn and eventually completed an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Florida. These international and multicultural experiences informed my career and educational path ever since, and I am currently exploring opportunities both inside and outside of academia that involve translation, mediation, intercultural training, and research.