November 2016

Was awarded Spring 2017 Dissertation Completion Fellowship by the University of Florida’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, which means no teaching and funding to complete the last stages of the dissertation writing! Very excited to be done and to start researching career opportunities, both inside and outside of academia.

February 2016

Thrilled to have won the English department graduate teaching award and be one of the two students nominated by the department for the university-wide graduate teaching award.

May 2015

Completed 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher training with Melissa Montilla at Sanctuary Yoga and Meditation Studio in Gainesville, Florida!

April 2015

Received a Michael Schoenecke Travel Grant to present at the 2015 PCA/ACA conference in New Orleans, Louisiana! Gave a talk about translation and voice-overs of pirated Hollywood films in late 1980s and early 1990s Soviet Union.

March 2015

Organized and chaired a panel on “(Re)mediating Authority in Composition Classrooms: the Unassuming and Unfamiliar” at 2015 CCCC convention in Tampa, Florida.

Representing humanities at the 3MT (Three Minute Thesis) competition at the University of Florida. I am the only student from in the humanities competing this year and hope to encourage my classmates to give this a go next year!

February 2015

Successfully ran the Digital Assembly 2015 workshop along with my fellow Digital Assembly officers. This year’s workshop featured scholars Stephanie Boluk, Patrick Lemieux, and Anastasia Salter. Learned to hack old Nintendo video game consoles, very very cool.

December 2014

As the fall semester is drawing to a close, I look forward to reading the final poetry translation portfolios by my ENC1131 – Writing Through Media: Translation students. Their chosen poets ranges from late 15th century Spanish poet Don Juan Manuel II to 19th century French poet Adélaïde-Gillette Dufrénoy. It’s been a full and eventful semester, with lots of risks taken in the classroom (both by my students and myself), and I look forward to discussing it at the 2015 Conference for College Composition and Communication (CCCC) in Tampa next March.

November 2014

Presented during 2014 American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) conference on “Translating and Publishing Russian Dissident Poetry in the West: A Case Study of Irina Ratushinskaya’s Poetry” in Milwaukee, WI.

October 2014

Presented a talk “Ok, Google, Translate Gogol!” at the 2014 English Graduate Student Organization conference at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

August 2014

Very excited to have been offered a scholarship to the Yoga Teacher Training program at the studio where I’ve been practicing since 2010. Apart from being a wonderful place to practice with experienced teachers, Sanctuary Yoga and Meditation in Gainesville, FL offers Registered Yoga Training (RYT) training programs and is fully recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Training starts in September and runs until May, 2015. I am also curious how the training will reflect on my professional work and pedagogy in a composition classroom. Namaste!

April 2014

Presented a talk on “Beyond language: expanding the concept of translatability in digital studies” at 2014 THAT Camp at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

November 2013

Presented a talk on “Rediscovering 19th Century Poetry In a Classroom: Teaching Writing Through Translation” at the South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA) conference in Atlanta, GA.

October 2013

Spoke about “Reading the Florida Wildlife Corridors: Looking for the Real Thing” at the 2013 English Graduate Student Conference at the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

August 2013

Excited to be teaching an online section of ENC3254 – Professional Communication for Engineers this fall 2013 semester. So far using the Big Blue Button conferencing software worked great, and one of the students joined in a video chat with her pet Sun Conure!


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